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Welcome to higher education at Prithvi Narayan Campus, where our students are special. Our students are at a panoramic city of lakes, at one of the oldest and largest campuses of Tribhuvan University. The time here is going to be among the most memorable of our students' life. While at the campus, each of our students will receive a university education and be at the heart of a welcoming, vibrant and tourist spot city.
The campus invites everyone to take the most advantage of a leading higher education institution in the western region that continually attracts students from around the region. The time at the campus will p...

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Prof. Dr. Saroj Koirala

In the sixty years since Prithvi Narayan Campus was founded, the campus has emerged as a major center in higher education in Nepal and occupies a premier position in the western region of Nepal as a dynamic source for innovative teaching, learning and research. The campus works closely with other institutions, business houses and local bodies to ensure its programs that are relevant to to..

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